Hohner Blues Harp – Perfect harmonoica for amateurs ans professionals

A perfect look for this diatonic harmonica

The silver exterior of the Horner Blues Harp accentuates the wooden comb to create the perfect look. Its name is etched onto its exterior, boldly announcing its dedication to producing blues.

hohner blues harp
The Hohner Blues Harp harmonica

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Hohner Blues Harp – A 10 holes diatonic harmonica

The Horner Blues Harp is diatonic that holds 10 holes that features 20 reeds. The 10 holes built within it ensure a rich sound that ranges between deep and soft.
Notably, the reeds have brass reed plates to ensure their durability. However, please note that despite the durable nature of the reeds, you may have to replace it. Its durability is dictated by the length and intensity of use.
Its four-inch length makes it easy to hold and grasp while playing the instrument. Needless to say, this harmonica is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike.